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Competition Managers, Secretaries and Officials SafeSport Training Tips and FAQ


Dear Competition Managers, Secretaries and Officials,

Below is an updated FAQ with updated/additional questions in red.

  1. What does it mean if there is no date in the SafeSport training field for an individual in my software?      
    This means that they have not taken the training and will either
    1.  Need to take the training before competing if they have an active senior competing membership OR
    2.   Take the training within 30 days of renewing their membership at the show
  2. Does an entry need to be refused if the owner, trainer and/or rider/handler has not done their SafeSport training?
    No, however if any of the individuals listed above have a current, senior competing membership and are listed as ineligble due to Safe Sport Training, they will need to complete the SafeSport training in order to compete. They may go back to their hotel, residence or other location and complete the training and bring copies of their ‘SafeSport Trained’ certificate for proof of training to be allowed to compete.  If they return with the ‘SafeSport Trained’ certificate on the first day of competition, their points will count.

  3. Will the competition software that "connects with USEF" to check members and suspensions have the ineligible members listed also?
    The Suspension List will be integrated into the Ineligibility list and the reason for ineligibility will be listed in the details field.
  4. When a secretary checks eligibility as entries are coming in, will they be required to continue to check for eligibility up to the start of the show?
    Yes, since the memberships are on a rolling calendar year, it is possible someone may become ineligible prior to the start of the show, but after the ineligibility list has already been checked.
  5. What if someone doesn’t have a computer to take the SafeSport training?
    They can take it at their local library, or if at the show, the hotel or library near the show.
  6. How quickly does the completed SafeSport training show up?
    24-48 hours
  7. Is the "age of 18" requirement calculated by competition year, riding age, or actual age?
    Actual age
  8. Do riders who turn 18 during the competition year have to take the SafeSport training?
  9. If a rider turns 18 during a show, do they need to take the SafeSport training to continue competing?
    No, they have 30 days to complete the training.
  10. Will the SafeSport training completion information be included on membership cards?
    Yes, the online membership cards will have this information.
  11. If the 30 day grace period for someone to take the SafeSport training expires during a competition do we have to ask them to leave?
    No, and their points from the current show would still count, however, they will go on the ineligibility list until they successfully complete the training.
  12. Does a Foreign rider have to take SafeSport Training?
    Yes if he/she has a USEF Competing membership and is 18-years-old or older.
  13. If a horse is shown and the owner has taken the SafeSport training, but the senior member trainer or rider has not and is overdue, will that horse’s points count?
  14. If the senior member owner, rider, or trainer was ineligible at the start of the show, but does the training after the show starts, will the horse’s points count?
    If the senior competing member owner, rider, or trainer completes the SafeSport training on the first day of competition, prior to competing and presents the ‘SafeSport Trained’ certificate to the secretary, then they can compete and their points will count. If the SafeSport training is completed after the first day of competition and the ‘SafeSport Trained certificate’ is presented to the secretary, they can compete, but their points will not be good.
  15. Will the competitions be penalized if they miss an ineligible person and allow them to show?
    The responsibility to maintain eligibility rests with the member. Disciplinary action may be taken against a competition where there’s blatant disregard for the Safe Sport training requirement or a pattern of permitting ineligible people to participate exists.
  16. If someone is eligible on the start day of the competition but becomes ineligible during the competition, should the competition allow them to continue to compete?
    Yes, the eligibility for a competition is based on the start date of that competition.

  17. If the API/website searches do not state that the competitor is ineligible but there is no Safe Sport Training Date, are they ineligible?
    No, the USEF API/website searches will display if the competitor is ineligible.  If it does not display anything, then the competitor is eligible to compete.

  18. If the owner of the horse on the entry blank is a farm and the Active Owners of the farm are ineligible due to Safe Sport Training, is the horse allowed to compete?
    Yes, the farm is not required to take Safe Sport Training and thus the horse is eligible.  The Active Owners of the farm are not allowed to compete themselves in the roles of Rider, Trainer, Coach, etc. until they complete Safe Sport Training.

  19. If a horse is leased and the lease has been recorded with USEF and the lessee is an active member who has completed their Safe Sport Training, will the horse be allowed to compete and will its points count if the actual owner of the horse has not completed their Safe Sport Training?
    Yes, per USEF rules, the lessee of a horse is considered the owner of the record of the horse during the period of the lease.


US Equestrian is committed to creating and maintaining and educating and informing an equestrian community free of all forms of emotional, physical, and sexual misconduct. Protecting athletes and fostering an environment where existing participants and newcomers alike feel safe is of the utmost importance. The USEF Safe Sport Policy and U.S. Center for SafeSport Code were designed to, and aim at, protecting all participants in our sport. USEF stands behind these policies to protect the athletes of equestrian sport, not just because a law requires it, but because every member has a responsibility to protect those who have chosen horses as their passion.

USEF has created a variety of resources to assist and aid members with taking the training.

For technical assistance with completely the SafeSport training, please contact the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s Technical Support Help Desk at 720.676.6417. For additional questions related to SafeSport, please contact Teresa Roper at

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